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Mango Bay Standard Anti-Spam Email Protection

Request a QuoteSpam costs you money-wasted time downloading and reading. And, it is annoying. Spam does not have to cost you money or annoy you anymore. Immediately start blocking junk email that clutters your inbox. Mango Bay Internet provides standard protection against these messages that could potentially pose a threat to your system.

And just so you don’t miss any messages that accidentally are blocked by this protection, you will receive a regular e-mail containing a detailed list of the messages that have come through our system. After using the service for some time, the filters intelligently adapt and become increasingly more accurate - up to 95% accurate!

If you are looking for even more protection against spam, Mango Bay Internet offers an add-on Junk Email Assistant that prevents junk e-mail from ever reaching your computers. You do not have to install new software to be automatically protected-all you have to do is pay a small monthly fee of $1.50. Once you activate Mango Bay's Add-On Anti-Spam protection, you'll have access to easy-to-use custom filters that let you personalize them to meet your family's unique needs.

On a regular basis, you'll receive an email that summarizes the amount of messages quarantined in you private message center - a website where you can sort and review the detained email messages, as defined according to your personal filters.

It is the only spam blocker that puts you in control. You define exactly what level of protection you want, and what is spam and what isn't. You don’t have to rely on some anonymous "spam cop" to censor your email.

You decide what spam is and what isn't. You will have access to your Spam folder using our WebMail with our Standard service or, if you choose our Add-On service, your own, password-protected Message Center with an easy to use interface that allows you to adjust filter settings from lenient to aggressive, select the type of email you want blocked (Get Rich Quick, Sexually Explicit, Special Offers, and Racially Insensitive), and to "approve" or "block" specific senders or entire domains.



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