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The Spam assault on the inbox will increase to 82% of all Internet email traffic by 2011 according to the Radicati Group. It is estimated that spam accounts for roughly two thirds of all corporate email traffic – adding cost, complexity in management, increasing security risks and introducing one of the most well hidden Trojan horses to organizations today – lack of productivity. Mango Bay Internet Anti-Spam is the most advanced system of it's kind today and is capable of near-perfect Spam identification accuracy. Mango Bay Internet's Automated Spam Definition Update Technology provides timely transparent updates to rules, signatures and even the core engine to ensure seamless response to the ever-adapting spamming methods.

Mango Bay Internet Antispam provides:

  • 95% accuracy on average,
  • Low false positives rate
  • 20+ technologies: SpamAssassin, Bayesian, RBL, URIBL/SURBL...
  • AutoUpdates
  • Multiple spam management scenarios
  • Manual, semi-automatic, user-driven processing
  • Multiple spam actions: reject, delete, quarantine, tag, sort
  • Detailed logging, header reports, affectivity statistics

For more information on our anti spam services, please request a quote or call us today at 1-888-35MANGO. We look forward to hearing from you.



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